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How to turn Quick Bliss into an BOOKMArk on your iPhone/iPad

Step 1.

Visit The Bliss Voicebox on your iPhone/iPad and sign in to your account, making sure you click 'Stay Logged In' (see picture). Please note; If you log in to your account on a different device it will log you out of your Bookmark and you'll have to sign in again.


Go to the Quick Bliss page and click the icon at the bottom-middle of the screen which looks like a square with an arrow coming out of it (see picture).

app tutorial 1.1.jpg

Step 3.

Click 'Add to Home Screen' button (see picture).

Step 4.

Change the name of the app to 'Quick Bliss' (see picture), and once you're done, click 'Add' (see picture).

You're done!