Breathing - listening & connecting

We connect with each other with our breathing. Sometimes we put vibrations on our connecting breath to make conversation. But, with or without words, breath is the link between us. 

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Connecting the audience with breath:

  • When you are the lead communicator, the audience will follow your breathing. If you breathe long, deep and relaxed, so will your audience. They will then connect more with what you have to say.

  • You can convey gravity prior to speech by deeper breathing. This communicates that you have deeper, bigger thoughts – and that’s before you’ve even said a word.

  • You can connect with everyone you are speaking to by looking and breathing. Think of breathing in your audience, just before you speak.

  • You can take ownership and control of the room just by your breath. 

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Sometimes we unconsciously interrupt the breath flow by:

  • Sucking the roof of our mouth when we are thinking. Try to keep the middle of the tongue relaxed, especially if you are about to speak, or if you are listening.

  • Having tense or held joints. This can constrict the throat and restrict breathing. Try to have a sense of space and freedom in all joints. 

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