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We are often judged by the amount of contact the soles of our feet make with the ground beneath them. The less contact made, the less confident the person looks and feels. Furthermore, foot / toe tension can have a major impact on the breathing mechanism.

Get the feet grounded and much else falls into place. This does not mean of course, that you have to stay rooted to the spot.

Think of how happy toddlers look when they first find their feet – there is something profound about the connection of the feet and the ground; It’s home. 

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Exercise: Truly Grounded

  1. Get a sensual re–connection with grounded feet by placing a tubular object – such as a fat pen or a broom handle – on the floor.

  2. Without shoes, rest each part of the feet across the tube, going from toes to heel, and back again. Breathe and relax in each part of the foot as you go.

  3. Finally, step away from the tube - feel what it is to be truly grounded. 

Top Tips:

  • Keep a little space between the toes – if they can breathe so can you.

  • When you move, step into and make total relaxed contact with the new floor spot.

  • Don’t forget to stay grounded if you are sitting – especially true at a stressful meeting.

  • Some people find it helps them to imagine that you breathe in through the soles of your feet or the toes. Weird, but it can work.