How The voice works

Voice is thought turned into vibrating air. 

  1. The thought, the desire to communicate, and the distance/acoustic demands, cause a message to charge from the brain.
  2. In accordance to the size of the message from the brain the diaphragm drops and the ribs expand. This creates a vacuum mid– torso into which air flows.

  3. The ribs contract back in. The lower abdomen recoils, pushing the diaphragm back up. Both actions create an outward flow of air.

  4. The expelled air makes contact with the closed vocal folds, creating little sound waves.

  5. The sound waves are multiplied in the resonating chambers above the vocal folds.

  6. The vibrating sound stream is shaped by the tongue and the lips into vowels and consonants.

  7. The shaped sound stream reaches the eardrum of the listener. The vibrations become messages that the listeners’ brain interprets as speech. 

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