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Think of a stood skeleton. The closer your body is to alignment, the better the voice works. Be aware of the following: 

The Jaw Jut – The Head / Neck Alignment

It is very common for public speakers to push their chin towards their audience. The jaw jut creates higher and thinner voice production, which quickly tires.


  • Have your face as flat on as possible to the target of your sound.

  • Use your eyes rather than your chin.

  • Think of the neck lengthening and free from tension / hold.

Listen out for the richer, fuller sound you produce when the head/neck alignment is correct – your ears will then guide you. 


The Lower Spine

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The curved part of the lower spine has a big impact on your body messaging and your ability to breathe and speak. There are three spinal positions that are common, and of those, number two works best.

1. The Slump
This position seriously inhibits the ability to breathe. It’s also not a good look.

2. Engaged
This position holds the body erect whilst allowing the belly to relax and assist in breathing.

3. The Over-Lift
This position creates abdominal tension which cuts off efficient breathing by forcing you to chest breathe, which can make you feel panicky and to speak too fast. 

Top Tip

Keep a feeling of freedom – even space – in your joints. This helps you find your best posture and maintain a good flow of breath through the body.

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For optimum voice – minimum body messaging

  • Place the feet hip width apart, with the soles making full contact with the floor.

  • Have a sensation of fluidity in all the joints, but especially the toes, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders and spine/neck.

  • Engage the lower spine. Have the chin neither tucked down, nor pushed up. Have the chest open and the hands hanging at your sides.

  • Keep the shoulder blades dropped.

  • Lastly, make sure that your tongue is not sucking the roof of the mouth and that your belly is relaxed.

    If this feels weird, keep practicing – it’s the way you are built. All else are tensions you acquired along the way. Drop them.