Top Tips for Communicating Well When Using Power Point


Most people are lazy and ultimately rubbish at power point presentations. Most don’t bother to practice, relying on the PP as prompt; Death by power point as it is known. A little practice and forethought can make your great ideas and products stick out as great ideas well communicated.

Prepare, and be yourself telling a clear story, with the aid of images - not you downing in imagery and tech, confusing and boring your audience.

In addition to remembering to turn the image OFF when you want the focus on you, so that you are always the boss of the presentation:

  • Start with no image on at all, so that you can clearly introduce yourself and your subject before you go into the presentation proper. Connect with audience before attempting to convince them. Don’t rush. Start slow and low.


  • Practise at least 6 times. Use The Five Steps approach if you are writing from scratch. If following a corporate slide show, know it well enough so that you can turn it off and on to make it your own.

  • Don’t wander about too much. The use of images means the audience have enough visual stimulus.

  • Breathe deep through a pause at the end of each slide/subject. This gives the audience time to digest your thoughts, but keeps you connected to them.

  • If the slide is complex, perhaps walk behind the audience seats and explain from their visual perspective. You act as a voiceover, focusing the audience on the image. But remember; turn it off to get the power back to you when you return to the front. If that’s not possible, just slip away to the side.

  • Try to minimise use of wordy and complicated slides – these should be sent later as handouts.

  • Be clear, concise and use the whole of your voice to enliven the listening experience.

  • Humans are incapable of listening and reading. Avoid reading the screen – the audience can do that.

If you are using the screen to prompt you, know that you are boring the pants off the audience. Do the homework, and your presentations become a pleasure for you and for your audience.

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