If you have to speak early, or have a vocally demanding day ahead of you, it is well worth spending five minutes warming up your voice.

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  • This helps you sound more like you.
  • The greater the note range your ear hears coming from you during warm– up, the more notes will subsequently be used when you speak.
  • The shower is a good place as it’s warm and wet – and usually private.

Some Exercises:

1. Humming
Start low and very gentle and go higher as the voice warms up. Avoid too much volume. Feel a tingle on the lips.

2. LaLaLa’s
Get the tongue involved by playing with the voice up and down as you LA. If it’s good enough for opera singers...

3. EE – OO’s
Sliding from the top and the bottom of your range sing EE-OO’s focusing on the tongue rising on EE and the lips rounding on OO’s.

4. Articulation
Go through the warm-up exercises on the Articulation & Clarity Remedy.

RECOMMENDED Video EXERCISES: Tongue Twisters, Focusing Sound, Jaw Relax & Warm Up Exercises

Top Tips

  • Avoid dairy products – especially milk, cheese and chocolate – before a vocally demanding day.
  • If you feel strain or soreness before or after professional speaking, rest the voice when you can, but don’t whisper. Also gargle with warm salt water - after every meal, if possible - until it feels better.